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Periodontal, or gum disease, is the number one reason that dog's teeth fall out.  It also causes bad doggie breath and can lead to other complications.  Years ago, flossing was not part of a person's daily routine.  Today, it has become a lifestyle.  It makes sense that this would also be true for our beloved dogs. Preventative care, including regular brushing and flossing around the gum line, is a proven way of fighting periodontal disease.  Although, brushing a dog's teeth has been challenging, it is now much easier with the use of newly discoverd techniques.  However, flossing a dog's teeth was still virtually impossible.

Until now
Doggie DentalAID doggie dental floss holders, used with Fido floss dental floss for dogs, has made flossing your dog's teeth possible.  Doggie DentalAID and Fido Floss allows you to hold the floss holder in one hand while holding your dog's mouth and chin in the other hand.  This will make flossing your dog's teeth not only possible, but easy as well.  Regular use of Doggie DentalAID and Fido Floss assists in rounding out your dog's dental care while ensuring the best offense against periodonal diseases.

Doggie DentalAID doggie dental floss holder and Fido Floss, dental floss for dogs were created in order for dogs to have the same fighting chance against periodontal diseases as we do.

Doggie DentalAID doggie dental floss holders are manufactured in the USA using the highest quality material.  We offer Doggie DentalAID in a variety of colors and styles.

"He is your best friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.  You are his life, his love, his leader.  He will be yours, faithfull and true, to the last beat of his heart.  You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

Sir Walter Scott

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A response given by most upon first hearing about
new capabilities allowing the flossing of dogs' teeth!!!

"With the difficulty of general teeth brushing already there is some skepticism from staff if the dogs would really let you floss their teeth. What would you say to answer this concern?


Skepticism seems to be the main reason canine oral care is the single most neglected area of dog maintenance even though gum disease is preventable. As with current efforts to provide anesthesia free teeth cleaning, flossing is another way of preventing health related issues down the road without any negative side effects now. Flossing is a natural and effective way to proactively address gum disease. As bacteria under the dog's gum line is reduced (through proper oral care including flossing), the result is a healthier happier dog with an improved quality of life. Since four out of five dogs have gum disease by age three, it's no wonder oral care solutions are one of the fastest growing areas of a fast growing pet market.


Pioneers blaze new trails where skepticism and resistance make treading difficult. Once those trails are established, others easily follow. The same holds true for canine oral care. While everyone agrees improved oral care will only help the canine community, no one seems willing to forge new grounds. Doggie DentalAID allows that next step in canine oral care options. An option which may allow gum disease to be addressed before it can impact our beloved dogs.


Our feedback is that people who floss their dog's teeth are not overwhelmed by the thought and actually appreciate the opportunity. Some dogs may take awhile to acclimate to increased oral care yet most will allow flossing when handled properly. Sometimes it takes two people but most dogs will let their owners floss them. As we've shown with pictures, videos and testimonials flossing a dog's teeth is possible with Doggie DentalAID. We continue to obtain more examples as people become aware of the possibility of flossing their dog's teeth.


Since the concept of flossing teeth to eliminate gum disease is universal, grooming professionals can up-sell to provide regular flossing (the more the better) of dogs' teeth. In addition to flossing on-site, "Point of Sales" (POS) displays allow their customers to try flossing their dog's teeth at home too, buy practical gifts for their friends so they can begin flossing their dog's teeth and provide a valuable service for dogs everywhere. This is true for pet friendly hotels, pet salons & boutiques. Retail outlets are not restricted to pet specialty stores since pet products are becoming mainstream items.


Progressive communities in California, Los Angeles & San Francisco, Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington and many others seem to be areas that lead the rest of the country and the world in new ideas (Vegan restaurants come to mind). These communities, with their growing programs and services for dogs, can also be the catalyst to provide awareness and, hopefully, increase oral care programs world-wide. Susan Hartzler's article "LA dogs can look their best thanks to Doggie DentalAID" in the Examiner.com (10/29/2012) is a prime example.


It still often requires a need for progress to succeed. While the awareness and benefits of increased oral care in dogs is known, teeth cleaning methods are often crude and far from convenient, sometimes resulting in death; owner neglect also causes adverse health effects, sometimes resulting in death. Gum disease is preventable but proper oral care for dogs is not yet the norm. Sales of oral care options for preventing gum disease is increasing even though many products are not yet proven to be effective and may actually only mask the odor of gum disease.


Regular flossing is an accepted solution for preventing gum disease. Other options may clean the tooth but fail to remove bacteria forming below the gum line. As bacteria grows unchecked, it eats flesh causing the gaps within the gum line to grow larger, increasing the area where bacteria festers thereby compounding the problem. Eventually the tooth is lost. This bacteria can also enter the dog's bloodstream and end up in the dog's vital organs possibly leading to death.


Flossing works by reaching under the gum line and cleaning the area before bacteria has a chance to grow, thereby minimizing the chance for those areas to increase in size. Performed regularly flossing does prevent gum disease. Flossing a dog's teeth still poses two challenges. Convincing the dog owner to floss their dog's teeth and acclimating the dog to increased oral care.


Skepticism however, seems to be the main reason canine oral care is the single most neglected area of dog maintenance even though gum disease is preventable.


By: Rafles Warnars

November 10, 2012



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